What I truly love about serving those impacted by a disaster is Gods power to do miracles. What I love about being a LOCAL disaster recovery non-profit is our long-term relationships!
This weekend one of our local homeowners needed our help. Because he was struggling recently with his health he was unable to maintain his home. Couple that with the heavy rain we have had here on the Jersey Shore and their were issues with water around his home and at times in the home. JSU reached out the “THE LIGHT MISSION TEAM” for help.Bill Betz and his team (Mark, John, and Andi ) from the Pittsburgh area have been serving the Jersey Shore and assisting Jersey Shore United for four years now. After working to get together for months we finally worked out a time for Bill and the team to come out.
We had 2 days and we took on three projects. FIRST, we excavated the property around the home and put in a drainage system using a pump to wick the water away from the home during heavy rain storms. THANK YOU John for bringing your rig to get this done or it would have been impossible. Thank you Bill and Mark for all the digging!!!
SECOND, we tore out the floor and sub-floor to his sisters back bedroom. Because moisture had got under that part of the home, mold started to return and the floor was weakened. We tore out the floor and sub-floor and it is now drying. We will remediate any mold, then after it has dried, we will replace the sub floor and flooring in that room.The pump system should allow that area of the home to dry out and stay dry long term.
THIRD, we gave the property a face lift by weeding the area, trimming the scrubs and raking the area. THANK YOU, SARINA, AUNDREA and NOAH for coming out this afternoon to get us cleaned up. We even had a mini concert! I will post that as soon as I figure out how to shrink the file. Its too large.
We planted some new flowers and hanging baskets and fired up the grill for burger and dogs for lunch! A BIG THANKS to Andi Godwin( cool name right!) for being my partner in crime, helping me run for materials, food and helping feed to gang along with tearing up the floor! You are my new friend!
We got some time with each other. It has been 2 years since we have worked together. Ted was given some love and encouragement, we caught up, and had prayer and some fellowship. This is the most critical part of the visit. We show our families the love of JESUS!
A SPECIAL THANKS to Jim and Cynthia Choflet for opening their home to house Bills team. By having selfless Christians open their doors to house small mission teams it makes these projects affordable and creates the funds to purchase materials to do the work. This cost savings makes it all possible. It is so amazing when we watch time and time again Gods power and miracles as we serve those that can’t help themselves. Thank you again gang!!! FOR INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN HELP Click on Volunteer or Donate above!