JERSEY SHORE UNITED WAS BLESSED, 4TH QUARTER OF 2019. Seabox ( a global company specializing in Intermodal Concepts and ISO Shipping Containers based here in Cinnaminson, New Jersey made a very special donation. Jim Brennan the CEO of Seabox had a 3 bedroom 1 bath home, made of two specially made shipping containers on their property that was not being utilized. After a meeting between Jim Brennan the CEO of Seabox and Barry Moll the President of Jersey Shore United, Jim and his team made a decision to donate the unit to JSU. Jim said “I like that you understand our business and operate here in New Jersey”. After touring the new gift¬†Barry said “This is monumental as it will give Jersey Shore United the ability to house volunteer teams from all over America to serve here on the Jersey Shore”. The unit will be modified to house coed volunteer teams of up to 15 people for up to a week at a time.

Jersey Shore United is in the process of finding a permanent home for the facility. Barry Moll the President of Jersey Shore United said “With a big gift, comes a big plan. With a big plan, comes a big need. JSU will need $50,000 to put the unit in place, modify it to house volunteers, and have the funds to start operations; bringing in the first teams by summer of 2020.”

Please join us in prayer; that the Lord will provide all of our needs to put this amazing heaven sent gift in place. That God’s people will understand the need to serve families in need right here on the Jersey Shore long term. Barry Moll the President of Jersey Shore United said ” Folks don’t realize that the need here on the shore is ongoing!” Home owners here in Jersey struggle with keeping their homes safe and maintained much more often than we realize. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR GENEROUS GIFT.¬†


JSU New Regional Facility 2019