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About Jersey Shore United 

Jersey Shore United supports those families most in need that do not have the resources available to get them back into their homes. Barry Moll, President of Jersey Shore United, learned first-hand, through his experience with hurricane Sandy. Barry and his wife Angela lost everything they owned to the storm. They realized that thousands of families NEVER get home after a natural disaster. Barry Moll stepped in to do what he could to change this. “The public is not told by the news media or local government of these struggles because there is no help available for them by this point.  

JSU commits to the end of the process to get those families most in need back into their homes. In a natural disaster, families are often out of their homes much longer than they anticipated. This causes undue stress in all facets of life, including their health, employment, kids in school, economic hardships, and insurance claims, etc. The longer the process drags on, the more the organizations that can help leave the area. Often, organizations that these families have come to depend over months and sometimes years, leave. This is the unpopular part of the disaster process; it is the toughest to raise funds, secure volunteers, and is also the most expensive part of the process. But Jersey Shore United stands on two beliefs. First, the bible tells us in Philippians 4:13, I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. JSU has the faith called for to get these folk’s home. To date, JSU has assisted over 850 families to get home and has granted over $3,000,000.00 in support and services. Second Barry says, “I believe by surrounding myself with people smarter than I am, God will make the way.” If you have the heart to assist local families in need, click on the donate or volunteer button to help. Or if you have a family you know in need, click on the application tab, and have this family fill out and send the application to JSU. We pray that the Lord continues to allow JSU to bring the love, light, and hope of Jesus Christ to families on the Jersey Shore.  


Where Most Needed. 

Your gift to “Where Most Needed” equips Jersey Shore United with the resources including personnel, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment to fulfill our mission of relief, recovery and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in New Jersey and beyond.