Most Urgent Need

By choosing this option, donations placed here will go into our special fund. This will be dedicated for serving our most urgent need at this current time.

Thank you for your support!

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Jersey Shore United realizes that when people hear about Hurricane Sandy it is a stale subject. Most people feel like the Jersey Shore area is back on its feet and there is no need. THE TRUTH IS; There are HUNDREDS that have not even started to restore and repair their homes after nearly 5 years have passed. There are HUNDREDS stuck at the end, short of resources and unable to finish their home and move back in. Finally, there HUNDREDS that will never get home and will lose their home to foreclosure, short sale, or just plain abandonment.
Jersey Shore United is here for the ones fighting to stay and get back home. IT IS CRITICAL THAT JSU HAS MONTHLY SUPPORT TO CONTINUE OUR EFFORTS “RIGHT HERE” ON THE JERSEY SHORE! For just $10.29 per month you will allow us to continue in getting folks home! The funds that you donate stay right here in your community and cities and towns. Your neighbors, family and co-workers are the ones we aim to assist. JSU is local and long term and WILL NOT QUIT! But we need YOUR HELP! Start today. We created this program so EVERYONE can help! Students, low to moderate income families, the elderly, and people that have just plain supported other causes can still support our cause. Pray for your neighbors, your community and your state that families will continue to get home. Once you sign up to give monthly you will be sent monthly reports, photos and videos on the families, the homes JSU has assisted. Also the volunteers from all over and exactly how your donation mattered. May God bless you as you give NOW!

Monthly Gift Option

Sponsor a JSU “Hope Chest”

Are you able to bless a family in need with a Hope Chest?

Bless homeowners in need with supplies and essentials for their first night inside their new or rebuilt home. $600.00 pays for all contents, including the deck box, and a $50 gift cards for groceries. If you are unable to sponsor a full amount, or wish to go beyond, you may still use this option and specify your custom gift amount.

Click here to learn more about the Hope Chest.

Options to specify gift amount on Donate page.

Home’s For Hero’s; Our U.S. Veterans

We are thankful for our U.S. military, those who have served and those who currently are serving.

We have set prcing based on our sponsors and programs that we use. Below are suggestion donations amounts.

  • Electrical or Plumbing Repair $500
  • Insulation $600
  • Veteran’s “Hope” Chest $600
  • Replacement Windows for a Home $1000
  • New Roof $4000

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