Operation Hope Chest is a Disaster Recovery support program. In a disaster when a family realizes that the journey home may be much longer than once thought these families must find temporary housing until their original home is restored.

When this happens, a family must move into a FEMA Trailer, an apartment or rental home for what can be long periods of time.
Operation Hope Chest supplies everything a family will need “Night One” to take the sting away. Often families don’t realize the cost of setting up a new home with just the basics and it catches them off guard.

Our slogan is Operation Hope Chest allows you to “Make a Bed, Take a Shower, and Make a Meal Night One” The family will need additional items but our hope chest gets them started with the love of Christ!

The family will received the items needed to Make the Beds(Sheets, Pillows, Blankets) Take a Shower(Shower Rod, Curtain, Rings, Towels) and Make a Meal(Dishes, Pots and Pans, Glasses, Toaster, Coffee Machine, Silverware, etc.) JSU also includes a $50 Gift Card for things like toilet paper and milk that first night.

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This program was developed after hurricane Sandy hit on the Jersey Shore and there were so many families displaced for much longer than expected. The items in JSU’s Hope Chest are not luxury items but are name brand and high quality so once a family’s home is restored, all of the items from the Operation Hope Chest can be brought with them. This reduces the cost to the family of moving in.

This program is not applicable to hotel stays or staying with families as the items in the hope chest will either not be needed or are already available.

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