Disaster Hope Chest

Day One Essentials

The contents of this hope chest are the best fit for those who are move-in ready and has items fit for the first night stay. Enclosed in these chests are brand new small appliances, pillows, comforters, and towels just to name a few items.

Infant Hope Chest

Baby Blessings

It can be difficult to tend to the needs of a young toddler or infant during times of difficulty. Jersey Shore United’s Infant Hope Chest is designed to aid with the ever increasing costs of strollers, blankets, bottles, diapers and other necessities.

Veterans Hope Chest

Our Military

We stand strong and honor those in our branches of military who serve and have served. We thank our Veteran’s for our service and commitment and have constructed a special hope chest for them.
Thank you for your service!

Operation Hope Chest is a ministry of Jersey Shore United; A non-profit 501c3 based out of Toms River, NJ.

We have various themes of the Hope Chest for different needs. If you are searching for an application for the JSU Hope Chest or would like to receive a grant, please click here.

We would love to hear from you.