Jersey Shore United Inc. has recently created a new program for our “Active Duty” Vet’s and Guardsman serving in all branches of our American Military. If you are or know of an active duty military man or woman or guardsman that has a financial need to maintain their house, please reach out to us. JSU has a simple application for those currently serving and find it extremely hard or impossible to do the proper maintenance on their house. This program has just started and is limited to a very basic menu listed here. JSU is unable, at this time, to provide assistance for any of the monthly bills like mortgage payments, taxes, utility bills, car payments etc. This program is specifically for their house. We here at Jersey Shore United have many that have served and or are serving in our military so we so respect and want to do our part to support our military men and woman currently serving.

Fred Hyman US Army
Fred Hyman US Army
Fred Hyman US Army

The basic criteria to qualify is as follows:
•    Must be Active Duty or Guardsman in the United States Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines or Coast Guard
•    Must own your home and it must be your primary residence
•    Family Income must not exceed the State LMI Chart for low income in your county
•    Must demonstrate good stewardship of current income
•    Must show a need for the service or repair request
•    Must have a sponsor as most military personnel are too proud to ask for help

The following items may be considered for repair or replacement:
•    Roof Repair or Replace depending on condition and current warranty
•    Hot Water Heater (Gas or Electric Only, No Waterless Units)
•    Furnace/HVAC Unit Only
•    Insulation If it is deemed to significantly reduce Utility Bills
•    Windows and Doors Evaluation done on individual windows and doors
•    Plumbing Repairs Amount depends on JSU inspection up and to but not to exceed $1000.00
•    Electrical Repairs Amount depends on JSU inspection up and to but not to exceed $1000.00
•    Exterior Code Violations; Landscaping, Yard Work
•    Home Integrity; Front/Back Doors, Garage Door Repair/Replace
•    Gutters; Repair/Replace