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Danny Gokey Returns; APRIL 8, 2016

By | March 20th, 2016|Events, News|

Good morning Jersey Shore! WE NEED YOUR HELP! JSU is a local and long term disaster recovery organization serving the families STILL in need from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. Without your help we can't continue to get families home! There are STILL thousands! JSU does our best to give you a way to support [...]

Middletown Family Lost Homes

By | March 15th, 2016|Testimony, Volunteer|

Third the same team headed several hours north to Middletown where one family lost 4 homes on the same deadend street. JSU had assisted this family get into one of the four homes two years ago. Now the Uniontown PA team descended on this neighborhood and put a big smile on this family by completing [...]

Another Team Blesses a JSU Homeowner

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Second up is the team from Uniontown PA(Pittsburgh) Now this team has been here multiple times and gets better during each visit! They started in Atlantic City with Marilyn the team lead and rocked out the installation of 31 Windows! Oh in a day and a half. Set up the installation of a 32' support [...]

Larry and His Team From Lancaster

By | March 14th, 2016|Volunteer|

We had one of the best weeks we had in many months! Jersey Shore United is local and long term and will continue to assist hurricane Sandy families on the shore for as long as it takes to get the families in need home! So first up is Larry Fowler and his team from Lancaster [...]