Hope in the Homestretch

Hope in the Homestretch

Begin with the End in Mind; Stephen Covey
Jersey Shore United started its Hope in the Homestretch back in 2013 when Barry and Angela Moll lost everything they owned in hurricane Sandy in Brick NJ. It did not take long to figure out that there was very little assistance after the initial stage of help. You saw the struggle of most families as they ran out of support and funding and were unable to restore their home totally and move back in.

Families started to realize it took multiple years in many cases and most of the larger organizations left in under one year. Jersey Shore United stepped up and explored the possibility of only taking families that JSU could get back home. Like move-in furniture back home. At that point Hope in Homestretch was born.

If we did not believe we could move you back into your home, we didn’t take the project. It didn’t work 100% of the time but we were batting about 90% and we felt in our heart we were the only organization to step up and own this part of the process.

The end was the most challenging, the most expensive, and the toughest to get volunteers. Most disaster volunteers run off to the next disaster way before the families they helped move home. It is also the toughest program to build long term donors. You stay local, long term and it is painfully slow at times. Most donors don’t stick it out.
There is a God given heart to support this ministry to the end. It takes time, a lot of time, so much time most donors would rather send their money to the ones that need help right at the time of a disaster.

We call it the “big cry”. You see people all over the news crying and begging for help. That is where most folks send their money. They do not see, however, the same families a year later desperate for help as they lose their home, their jobs, and the kids quit school because the families do not have the money to pay rent and a mortgage at the same time. They abandon the home and must move. Now the money given to them was a waste because it did not get them back home. It just delayed the inevitable. Jersey Shore United does our best to continue supporting until…..

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