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Jersey Shore United

Providing Spiritual & Physical Aid to Those Most Hurting After a Natural or Personal Disaster​


Our Mission

Jersey Shore United aims to render spiritual and physical assistance to families that cannot find help elsewhere after a natural or personal disaster.

Hope in the Homestretch

Hope in the Homestretch started back in 2013 when Barry and Angela Moll lost everything they owned when Hurricane Sandy hit Brick NJ. It did not take long to figure out that there was very little assistance for families after the initial stage of help ended.

Operation Hope Chest

Operation Hope Chest is a disaster recovery support program. In a disaster, when a family realizes that the journey home may be much longer than they once thought, they must find temporary housing until their original home is restored.

JSU Worship

Jersey Shore United formed its own worship team back in 2014 made up of believers from all different Christian churches.

Volunteer with JSU with a team or as an individual. We have many areas where volunteers can be utilized. In most cases, no experience necessary.

See what’s happening in our community! Check back frequently to find out about upcoming events.

We are currently accepting financial donations to go to our most urgent needs. We sincerely thank you for your contributions!

Become a Monthly Donor

JSU has been able to do all the amazing work we’ve accomplished with the Lord’s help and the faithful contributions of donors and supporters around the globe. Disasters can come at any time, and we’re ready to step in to help families recover. For $10.29 a month, you can join us in our mission of providing spiritual and physical support to families impacted by natural and personal disasters.



I don’t know what I would have done without you guys. (Jersey Shore United and St Paul’s United Methodist church) I really don’t. I think in my case I would have had to walk away. 


Brick NJ

I would have lost my home. I would not have had a home to come home to if it wasn’t for Jersey Shore United. It’s beautiful, my home is better than it was before. 


Greenbrier One

When you go through a disadter as a person, you take a personal hit, Everyone reacts to losing everything they own differently. When you lose your physical things, your stuff, many cases you also lose your faith and ultimately hope. Jersey shore united enters the process not only to share the love and light of Jesus but to bring them a renewed hope to get back home, Jersey shore United Commits to Staying with homeowners untill they move back in. 


President, Jersey Shore United inc.