Jersey Shore United has one goal; to render physical and spiritual assistance to families that cannot find help elsewhere after a natural or personal disaster.


Jersey Shore United is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that helps restore, strengthen, and rebuild families of New Jersey and elsewhere after a natural or personal disaster. Since November 2012 Jersey Shore United has been providing spiritual and physical aid to help hundreds of families return home. Jersey Shore United seeks to get a family home with restored hope, strength in mind, spirit and faith, by showing them the love of Jesus Christ!


Jersey Shore United holds to a vision that reflects the love of Christ in service to the people of New Jersey and beyond impacted by a disaster. Jersey Shore United seeks to demonstrate God’s love by providing the needs to families that they are unable to receive themselves through other avenues. Jersey Shore United works to give a family back the control that was lost. This gives them “Hope” for a better future, all in the name of Christ.